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Five blogs you may have missed in 2022

Five blogs you may have missed in 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve round up five blogs you may have missed on the community in 2022.  

The benefits of playing in mixed-gender environments 

We sometimes question the best environment for our young female players. Is it all-female teams, mixed-gender teams, or maybe all-female teams in a mixed-gender league?  

In his blog on the subject, Adrian Penrose, coach developer at the University of Chester, discusses:  

  • the benefits of playing in a mixed-gender environment 
  • the challenges young women may experience  
  • how coaches can support their players and give them the best experience possible.  

When, where and how to share the ball 

To promote a more skilful playing style, it’s vital we assess the type of practices we offer. Plus, what they look and feel like for the child.  

In this blog, Mark Leigh, FA coach development officer, discusses how best to help players, aged 5-11, meet their full potential.  

It’s just coaching  

You don't need to be an expert to work in disability football. You just have to get to know your players – and what they need. Mike Nolan's blog, it’s just coaching, explains how to become a more inclusive coach.   

The role of the goalkeeper in possession  

Keepers play a hugely important role in the overall team success, especially when their team have the ball.  In this blog, Dan Smith, Bristol City FC Women’s first team goalkeeper coach, talks about the role of the goalkeeper in possession.  

Exploring technical returns from different game formats 

Do we consider how our game formats affect the opportunity for players to practice core skills? Simon Houston, FA insight analyst, talks about different game formats and how they can bring technical returns. Check it out here. 

We would love to know your thoughts about any of the blogs and if you have any questions after reading them. If so, please use the forums or comments box below to get in touch.