What makes a good coach?

Perhaps list your top three characteristics, traits, or actions that make a coach good. 

  • Passionate - it helps if you have a love for the game, and ensure that above all players can be the best versions of themselves and share the love for the game

    Organised - the FA plan, do, review model is a great way to improve or reinforce this trait

    Adaptive - a coach needs to have open ears, eyes and mind and respond to the players they support and able to clearly communicate (as an active listener)

  • 1. Knowledges - the coach doesn’t only have the knowledge in football, but also to guide the young people the meaning and worth of their life. Cause not everyone can to be the pro player. 

    2. Curiosity - keep to learn. I think this is a better way to keep coach’s passion and ‘ambition’. If we stop, we won’t get new. How could we develop our players?

    3. Trustworthy - to be a good person first. Trust your players and the people who around you. Show your charisma, the people will trust you too. Like Pep or Klopp, the mature trust with the players, we can go through the difficult together with faith when we faced the adversity.

  • Thanks James! Is passion something you can develop as a coach or do you think it's innate? If it's not innate - how do you develop it?
    And with the plan, do, review model - is that done alone by the coach or do you think input from others helps here? If so, what kind of input - like what the coaches do or how they do it etc?

  • Another great three, thanks . What do you find are the best sources of knowledge for coaches?

  • Passion is innate - but so is pressure which can get in the way of enjoyment and the reinforcement of the passion.  That pressure can be the balance of work and home on top of volunteering and all that comes with getting training and games in place and working well.  So I'd personally see that being organised and adaptive are ways to either mitigate or prevent some of the pressure and being adaptive makes you better able to cope and respond.   I think the plan, do, review model is a great thing to collaborate on, with coaches, players, parents and guardians and again - that can also help to alleviate any pressure.

    We have tended to share the responsibilities of session planning, match day planning and responsibilities on the day.  We also make sure we reflect on what happened, and make small adjustments.  It's a team game on and off the pitch.

    If we're not feeling passionate, or if that enjoyment is being dampened down then I think it can be felt and seen by players.  So with reflection - we have to do everything to enables that innate force to shine through and keep us going as positive role models and advocates for our young players enjoying the game.

  • To have the same qualities as the people you coaxh

    1. Want to enjoy

    2. Want  to listen

    3. Want to learn

  • Yeah, pressure can certainly get in the way of passion at times. It's great to hear responsibility is shared to help reduce the pressure. Is there anything else that could help here? I am aware a lot of coaches have a lot going on and pressure to deliver sessions/training. Is there anything else we/the FA can do to support with that?
    That's great re passion shining through. I think it is important to keep the passion shining through for the players but there is only so much of that a coach can do. It is important they are supported and feel able to keep that going in the long term. Are there other interventions coaches or you use to maintain/preserve this?

  • There are a number of third parties and a huge collection of session plans/ session planning tools that I think the FA could do more for the community of Playmakers or  Introduction to Coaching Football qualified coaches having a set of configurable session plans (based on space/ surface/ equipment/ numbers of players and coaches/ volunteers).  That would be amazing.

  • Thanks, James, could you direct me to these third parties you are referring to? Barring session plans, is there anything else this community platform could do to help? For example, set up in a different way? Different capabilities? forums? etc?

  • soccercoachesuniversity.com/ as an example, but numerous if you search Google.  Some free, some paid or subscription based.

    Genuinely for me, a more trusted source of coaching resources, plans and videos would be super helpful.  I have found some from the FA but not a single place or space