Playing out from the back

Hi all,

Does anyone having any drills designed to help with playing out from the back? We have recently moved to 9a side are are really struggling when it’s our own goal kicks, conceding 3 in both our last 2 friendlies when teams have pressured us straight from the kick and I want to address the issue in training.

thanks for your help 


  • Hi Dean,

    I would say don't forget they are still young. Do the players have good individual ability on the ball? Its still important to give them opportunity in SSGs to look after the ball and take players on. They will make mistakes but don't give up if a few goals are conceded.

    We like teams to come on to us then trust the players to find a solution. We also create lots of opportunities to play in twos and threes in areas of the pitch so, a long narrow area representing the the wings. A short wide pitch to switch play or encourage central players to dribble out as well as play into the middle of the pitch. Make sure the defence have more numbers so they gain confidence first.

    Ensuring your wide players are wide (we say off the pitch) will attract the opposition and create space centrally. Also create depth with attackers to pull the opposition out of shape.

    I hope that helps in some way.


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