Playing out from the back

Hi all,

Does anyone having any drills designed to help with playing out from the back? We have recently moved to 9a side are are really struggling when it’s our own goal kicks, conceding 3 in both our last 2 friendlies when teams have pressured us straight from the kick and I want to address the issue in training.

thanks for your help 


  • Hi Dean. I have just delivered a really good session on the transfer of play. It was really designed as an out of possession idea but it works for outplaying your opponents too. Divide the pitch into 3rds. I had 8 players but you can work it with bigger numbers. Possession starts in one end third, players have make 3 passes before being able to get the ball to the final third. In the middle third I had 2 players. First players presses following the first pass, 2nd players presses on 2nd pass. Start to progress by encouraging players to come into middle 3rd yo receive transfer pass or drive into middle third to deliver transfer pass. My email is if you want more details or a picture. My set up was 3-2-3 but I have done it with 16 set up as 6-4-6.


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