Playing out from the back

Hi all,

Does anyone having any drills designed to help with playing out from the back? We have recently moved to 9a side are are really struggling when it’s our own goal kicks, conceding 3 in both our last 2 friendlies when teams have pressured us straight from the kick and I want to address the issue in training.

thanks for your help 


  • Hi mate I have a game I do which is that the defending team have to play out from a goal kick and have to score in one of three samba goals on the half way line depending on your set up I have gk two defenders and two midfielders playing out so defenders split and midfielders are in the middle. Goals are the wingers or centre forward then I have an attacking team to work on the press and close down who have to win the ball back and score in the goal so you are working on playing out but also the press.   It’s then just practice 

    get defenders to stand side on to receive the ball that way they don’t have to fully turn with the attacker on their back and they can move the ball on the in step instead so their bodies are more open 

  • Thanks a lot Matt that sounds ideal I’ll give that a go ! 

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