9x9 game my u11 team when they haven't got the ball, all the team seem to chase after the ball looks like 7/8 all in a heap near the ball, what would be your advise on this, and some training session regarding would be very helpful. 


  • Hey Graham, good question. You could possibly introduce zones into practice sessions - which players have got to stay in. Though this can get a bit boring after a while. Getting the players to scan the pitch to see the position they are in can help make them aware of what they are doing and what they could do better. Check out the Football Hero question posted recently by This may help your players? 

    Thanks, Tim


  • thanks for your question re your current U11 challenges with 9v9 format of the game. I am keen to support you by exploring some possible solutions. In doing so, I would find the following insights useful:
    - is this issue of not spreading out a matchday one or is it also evident in practice sessions?
    - what sort of things have you tried in your practice sessions recently to support your young players with their understanding and application of creating space as a team and individually?
    - are you coaching your squad alone or do you have support from other adults?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Vinny Halsall
    FA Grassroots Development Team