Passing problems

This March, we're talking about passing.

Whether you need advice on timing, teamwork or tactics, our expert coaches are ready to help. In fact, every month, they provide video responses to common questions. So, why not ask yours?

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  • I have a player (u7s) that won't pass for love nor money and instead tries to take on the world or taking shots from corners.

    I've tried setting personal challenges like he gets more goals for a pass then a strike, or if the teams score from an assist (mainly aimed at him) it's 5 goals worth, but it wears off after a few minutes. I've worked with his dad also to try and drill it in to him.

    Is there any other ideas to encourage him to pass without losing his competitive edge?

  • If you consider the England DNA / Foundation Stage, under 7s not passing is considered normal, and definitely not something we should worry about. Kids will share the ball when they are ready and in the meantime they will be developing as dribblers.

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