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This March, we're talking about passing.

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  • Asking youngsters to understand that passes do not always need to go forward to be effective can be challenging

    as can setting up pratices where the ball must go back to go forward can seem negative to alot of players

    how do others relay this message? or get the youngsters on board?

  • Hi , thanks for your question! Please see the video response from our coach developer .

    Hope it is helpful!

  • I have a player (u7s) that won't pass for love nor money and instead tries to take on the world or taking shots from corners.

    I've tried setting personal challenges like he gets more goals for a pass then a strike, or if the teams score from an assist (mainly aimed at him) it's 5 goals worth, but it wears off after a few minutes. I've worked with his dad also to try and drill it in to him.

    Is there any other ideas to encourage him to pass without losing his competitive edge?

  • If you consider the England DNA / Foundation Stage, under 7s not passing is considered normal, and definitely not something we should worry about. Kids will share the ball when they are ready and in the meantime they will be developing as dribblers.

  • Hi John.

    I truly understand what is your thoughts. My team U8 captain loves dribbling too. I think in this age let them challenge 1v1 duel is a better way to enhance their confidence and personal skills. But also important thing is that let them to understand why they need pass. And which scenes need pass, and why, which scenes could challenge 1v1, and why. Which choice is better in real scenario. Make their own decision. They know the reason why, they can make reasonable react. Don’t worry. They are so young.

  • Embrace his confidence! Though I can completely understand your frustration this is the perfect opportunity to help him become a match-winner that is comfortable with the ball. It is very rare that kids pass the ball at this age so use this opportunity to help him develop his ball mastery and start developing his decision-making skills. It will all slot into place I promise you.

    You can always ask him to talk through his decision-making process after an action and "introduce" other possibilities if you'd like to speed this process up.