Five blogs you may have missed in 2021 

Five blogs you may have missed in 2021

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve rounded up five blogs you may have missed on the community in 2021. 

Skilful players: summer Olympics 

The summer Olympics 2020 tournament was a great opportunity to watch some of the best female players in the world.  

It was always going to be a great competition, with many teams having the squad depth and team skillset to challenge for medals. But who grabbed our attention most? Katie Sorenson, The FA’s insight analyst, focussed on key individuals from the Summer Olympics – and examined how you can develop similar players.  Click here to see the blog.  

Harry’s thoughts on central defending… 

During the Euros, we caught up with Harry Maguire to discuss defending, an aspect of the game that was crucial during the tournament. 

Click here for the video of him sharing his thoughts and take part in our poll below the video.  

Falling in love with football: how do we exceed expectations?  

Our early years specialist, Pete Sturgess, discussed why players fall in love with football and what coaches should do to capture their enthusiasm.  

Click here to access his thoughts.   

Why our players play 

If you ask your players why they play football, you may get responses such as they like winning or getting exercise, but that’s not entirely true.  

Yaasir Pasta, who coaches Leicester Bharat U17s, explained why your players enjoy their football and how you can bring the best out of them in this blog 

Security behind the ball when in possession  

The FA’s game insight analyst, Dan Simpson and The FA’s youth coach developer, Joe Sargison, talked about the importance of being secure behind the ball when a team is attacking. They highlighted some key questions players can ask themselves as well as some thought provoking questions for coaches to consider.  

Click here to access their thoughts.  

We would love to know your thoughts about any or all of these blogs and also if you have any questions after reading them. If so, please use the forums or the comments box underneath the blogs to get in touch.