Competitions Portal 2023 webinar

Firstly thank you for the recent club and competitions portals which will certainly assist going forward

My comments are based on leagues, but mindful that some clubs may be interested in these also

A couple of areas I am not clear on after the webinar or I see as a real positive and happy to have a discussion about are outlined as follows:

  • The 365 affiliation of teams is a positive
  • The cutting out of having to go to County just to get a team playing is a positive step
  • I am unsure what I would get as a league secretary if a team registers to our league mid season. Do I get a notification for example that this team has now been associated with our competition?
  • I am concerned about the complexities around each age group, section/division or cup and the criteria for each (for example start date, number of players allowed etc) but I am sure with time this will come as second nature
  • I do like the fact we can now tidy up the competition by removing the old divisions or cups no longer utilised as we have loads of legacy divisions etc which we could not remove
  • I am still concerned about the integration with full time as the WGS to Full Time was problematic as on occasions teams in sections on WGS were not displayed in Full Time and teams that were folded couldn't be removed from full time
  • You state that teams cant play cross league competitions. This is a retrograde step in my opinion as we have for example a combination cup which we run for our U21s and local adult reserve teams so we can bridge the gap between the youth and adult leagues. We are looking at cross league champions league type competitions also and by removing this functionality we dont know how we could do that moving forward
  • Unsure why U5s and 6s are listed on a competition portal when they cannot play league football under FA rules. 
  • We have seen a huge increase in fees being posted by North West County FA`s especially for clubs who have been the most proactive in growing the game as the new pay per team model instead of club affiliation appears to have encouraged County FAs to introduce a per team pricing model which unduly affects the larger clubs.
  • Editing division and cup names is a good step forward

These are just a few points which I picked up on and wondered what others thought 


Warren Barlow

League Secretary: BBDFL