Second year coaching U8

Hi everyone,

This year, our local organization changed the rules as far as age cutoff. Last year, birth date prevailed (i.e. all kids born in 2016 were in U7). This year, they are going with "school year", as some parents complained that their kids couldn't play with their classmates when they were born in different years. The only problem is that during this season, we've had a set of twins who were several months older than the rest. As you know, at that age, a couple of months is a big deal. They ended up dominating so much that the other players on the team wouldn't put much effort during matches. Those 2 kids basically scored 95% of the goals. Sometimes they would take the ball out of their teammates' feet since they were so much faster. It got so bad that we had to have shifts without the twins playing to give others a chance. But by then they were out of sync. We're probably going to have the same issue next season, so I was wondering how you usually deal with kids who are much stronger/athletic than their teammates and how you make sure they don't take over everything on the team? Don't get me wrong, they're amazing players and I want to encourage them, but at the same time this is creating serious issues within the team.


Red Flower Rangers

  • I think its important for the better players in the team to understand the importance of being a leader/good team mate. I put a lot of work into my better players to ensure they take on some responsibility within the team. They need to understand that football is a team game and really good players help those around them grow. Things like getting them to do a team huddle before the game, concentrating on providing assists when their team mates are in better positions, being a good talker on the pitch, even the best players in the team, with the most physical attributes will have areas they need to improve on. Its about making them aware on what they can do better and getting them to understand just how many parts their are to being a good footballer. Its not just about goals!