The different sections for Level 1

Good morning everyone. 

I am about to start the FA level 1 course. I have chosen to return to youth football coaching after a break of 20 years. I formally was the coach for a group of youngsters, my son included

Followed them through from 8 to 16. In the early years the FA rolled out mini football. We were part of the pilot program

I have now returned to help kids, my grandsons age. Really enjoying it. We have just kicked off our 9 aside season at u11

The club insisted I went through the DBS, fully understand why. Complete First Aid and Safeguarding which I did back in March this year. Also did BT playmaker at the beginning. I  was then instructed that to continue I must complete level 1 thus getting ready to behin

However, on receiving the email yesterday, I see to complete level 1 I must complete each section to open up the next. 2 sections being first aid and safeguarding which as explained, I have already completed 

Really finding it hard to understand I now need to complete both these courses again. Surely that cannot be right. Another few hours of my time which shouldn't be necessary 

Looking for advice please

Thank you

Billy Fisher 

Rising Hope Vipers u11s