Dribbling to much / time to pass


Coaching u11s team, one of my better players when he receives the ball in midfield, he just goes head down and tries to dribble past 4 or 5 players, his team mates are quickly making runs getting into good position the lad doesn't see this until he has lost the ball or eventually looks up, but it's to late then, this is causing the others to moan at him,. 8 tried to explain sonetimes your passing option is the best choice, especially if done quickly, it's not worked. 

Thx Graham 

  • Hi Graham

    during training you could try asking the player what options there are whilst their playing, what outcomes can these options have.

    A pratice you could try which can involve others also is,have 4 goals 2 on side and 2 each end.

    4 floating players without balls

    place numerous different coloured cones scattered around and ask them to dirbble round the colours called out. 

    to score you must make a 1-2 with round a cone with a floating player.

    objective learn to dribble in different direction

                   pass and recieve

    skills     lifting head to look for coloured cones

                 scanning for player to recieve 1-2 with

    knowing that if you pass you could get a better scoring opportunity, be more aware of the players around you

    cheers lee