Unfit player

Hi all,

I have a U12 player who is very unfit.  He has 2 real problems being he has Asthma and is also quite a bit over weight.  

When he plays he complains about his knees and ankles, i would think that the weight is causing issues with the joints.   The asthma means that he can only run for a couple of hundred meters before he starts to say he can run any more.

He becomes very frustrated at himself and us because he can't keep up with what either us coaches or he wants to do

On the plus side he has a very good football brain and can see a pass.

Now my question.  How could I help him but also help the team, because when he plays its can be like playing with a man short?

Thanks Carl

  • To be honest i see you say after a couple of hundred yards ,, i would set him a task out side of group training an as his parents to set up say a 15 yard cone station ,, asking him to do short bursts ,, shrot fast run to ine an walk back to recover ,, also the complaing of sore joints ,, this may be the fact of growth plate ,, so this will happen as growing pains ,, or till he gets fitter always runing on grass to absorb the impact threw his running ,,, an the last is his position,, if not tha fast could you not look at playing him in a Center back roll this way he has cover from others