Pre-season talk

U10’s season has just finished and I have lined up 9v9’s till the next season. Am planning to do a sit down with all the players as a kind of pre-season/end-of-season chat.

Things I am thinking of covering: How we have developed over previous season, differences to expect when playing 9v9, behaviour/values charter for training/games (child led), long and medium term development points going forward.

Can anyone add anything that could be discussed and/or has anyone done this before and have any tips?

  • Hi Chris, I think this sounds good. You are probably doing this anyway but I would ensure lots of encouragement / praise for effort is included. I think it's great to show what went well. 
    With these talks, how much do you involve the team? Perhaps they could come up with ideas and present back to you?

  • Ye, I tend to focus on positives. Often find if you praise a child for doing something positive the other children start doing it as well.

    Good shout with the team involvement. I'll ask them if there is anything they would like to talk about and if anyone wants to present. My training/game "talks" end up as group conversations anyway so it will be something they are used to.

    Thanks for the help.