Hi, I'm 16 years old wanting to pursue a career in football coaching. Would say going to university in a requirement?

  • Hey Josh, just wanted to add something to this thread. Obviously you've seen that Uni is not a requirement but I'd agree that it wouldn't hurt your career. 

    If anything, you could enhance your career if you studied something that could help you on your journey. People development, psychology, sport science are some examples but there's many more.

    Some Unis even offer football specific degrees - not sure if they're good or not, a lot of that would come down to who's teaching you. 

    Simply though, Uni is always a good idea if you have the chance to choose something to study that will actually benefit your dream career. 

  • Yes of course. I am looking into sports courses at various unis. Sport management and coaching, sport, physical education and coaching are some examples. I will continue looking.

    Appreciate the response!

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