The role of the assistant goalkeeping coach

Join Adrian Tucker (FA National Goalkeeping Coach) as he hosts a discussion with James Russell (Goalkeeper Coach at Chelsea FC) and Jack Robinson (Assistant Goalkeeping Coach at Liverpool FC) on our live webinar 'the role of the assistant goalkeeper coach'.

It is a role that has taken shape over the past 3-4 years and currently we see 6 Premier League clubs adopting the position. In addition to this, will this just be seen in the top end of the game, or like the goalkeeper coach role introduced 20-25 years ago, be filtered through the pyramid system in time? The panel considers the following themes throughout their discussion and cover:

- Understanding their main roles and responsibilities as assistant goalkeeper coach. How these may differ from that of the Lead/Head Goalkeeper coach role.

- What key skills are seen to be required to be a successful assistant goalkeeper coach? Are these different from that of the Lead Goalkeeper Coach?

- Examples of the role where you take the lead in any outfield off-field aspect? What do they think the future holds for the role of assistant goalkeeper coach?