Matchday Warm ups

Matchday Warm ups

Wondering how to get your players ready on matchday when you are given half the court? Here is a short guide to provide some possible ideas.


This example is based on adult players.  

When working with youth teams, especially those of primary school age the following might be more appropriate;

  1. Pulse raiser

A quick game of tag or bull dog in half the court is a good way to get the players to increase their heart rates in a fun and engaging way, whilst also incorporating similar movements to those they will use in a game. Try to ensure everyone has a go at being a tagger.

  1. Ball contacts

Playing multiple 1v1 ‘stop it on the line’ games across half the court gives all the players plenty of opportunities to get a feel for the ball. They can easily join with the players next to them to make this 2v2 if needed. No cones or areas are required for this. Naturally the players usually play in an ‘imaginary channel area’ but if they are creative enough to use the space around them this can be encouraged. They can play for one minute and then swap opponents as many times as you like depending on the time available. At this point, the goalkeepers might be throwing and catching or passing to each other.

  1. Counter-attacking practice

As the video shows, players can prime their decision making and finishing with 2v1 and 3v2 waves at goal, whilst the goalkeepers try to prevent them scoring. This is still relevant to young players so here is one practice which might help.