What's the rationale behind having a separate boys and girls working with channel?

I find this a a little alarming on the face of it. 

Maybe I'm naïve but having separate channels creates unnecessary division. Even the first guidance posts put up under each is different too... Something about being concise for the girls but the boys don't need the same?

Am I missing some or is this immediately undermining any inclusion & diversity sentiments expressed elsewhere? It seems to me to be unnecessary segregation for youth football at least.

But maybe I'm wrong! 

  • This was probably well meaning as there are interesting discussions that people my want to have about differences - if any - with coaching boys, girls and mixed teams.

    However I would argue that putting them in separate sections is a not a good idea as 99.9% of discussions will not be related to gender. In fact looking now there is a thread in the boys section about 'Progressing to 9-9' which is just as relevant to girls or mixed.

    Whilst well intentioned, the effect of separate sections will probably be to lead to coaches missing posts which would otherwise be useful to their development.

  • I have no doubt about well meaning. 

    Agree though about unintended consequences. 

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