Improving in possession under pressure

Hi all coaches

We have just moved to a more competitive league,U14 boys. We have lost heavily the last two games and although we have worked and improved our shape and defense out of possession we give the ball away cheaply when in possession either by being under pressure or rushing the ball forwards.

does anyone have ideas on training session to help keep possession but under pressure?

thanks all

  • Hi - we faced similar last year. We have done a lot of work with rondo drills to help with this. It has really helped. All sorts of different structures to them based on the specifics we wanted to improve that week - maybe defence working together, of the right side of the pitch or in pairs. It helps on two front, possession and retention of it, but also quick recovery and transition so that if we do win it back it isn’t a surprise and there are options available to then keep possession again. There’s loads online you can pull down, but for me it’s four things and then we typically build something to suit.

    1. Part of team/structure to focus on working together

    2. Type of situation (dictates size and shape of area)

    3. Level and type of pressure (dictates set up and whether overloads or not)

    4. Desired outcome (get out of a situation, transition to attack, crest an opportunity) - this one dictates how teams score. Maybe just time or number of passes, point ago interceptions but also maybe adding scoring zones and goals as needed.

    hope that helps!

  • I found some rondo style Sessions on integritysoccer called ‘possession to build attacks’ that worked really well In showed there was definitely an area to improve

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