What are your best fun practices?


I coach an U8 girls team.

Although I feel pressure from parents and other coaches to actively "teach", I much prefer sessions that are just fun.

My question for other coaches is - what drills/games/ssg's do you have in your back pocket that you can pull out and know the players absolutely love?

  • Hi Stephen

    Have you thought of asking the girls what they want to do? Set up a pitch or several with a target/goal at each end, give them the balls, cones and discs and see what they come up with. They can make the rules scoring etc. Once they have started suggest adding some skills into it or challenges but don't take over. Be excited, enthused and amazed by what they do or come up with.

    Any form of tag with balls or other equipment.

    Themes are great. Find out what they like away from football such as films, books etc and make that into a game. If they are active, smiling and don't want to go home then you are winning.

    How many times at school do they get asked 'what do you want to do today kids?' And don't forget about what it was like to be a child and why you love the game.

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