FA Level 1 and 2 / UEFA B coaching licenses should all be available to complete online under the circumstances.

Planning to travel from the US to the UK very soon to attend work in the academies. Therefore, I need my UEFA B license as soon as possible. Strictly online courses would tremendously help the situation for all coaches in pursuit of their career. With the advancement of technology today, coaches should be able to complete their own coaching badges as the global pandemic remains ongoing.   

  • That's a fair point. However, what about the practicals which need to be done during the course of the program? In my opinion, the practicals are the factors which make the online course not possible

  • Agree with this - a lot of the material could be done online. With everyone else having adopted to new ways of working, it would be nice to see this doing the same. The fundamental course is an example, it's all online, easy to do in bite sized chunks. 

  • Considering the age of technology we live in, I believe practicals should and can be minimized in order to complete our coaching badges accordingly online. 

  • I was about to start my UEFA B licence but now because of the pandemic I have heard nothing and not sure if it is even going to start now. do we have any idea when possible courses may start. I know now from today there are tighter restrictions but would be nice to know of any kind of plan over this season.

  • My B course should have started 2 seasons ago with my local FA The national FA then put a hold on the B course as there were so many candidates on existing courses waiting to be signed off, with not enough tutors to get through them. We started again in February this year, then COVID arrived and put it back on hold. Due to go again in October but just received an email to tell me that the course is now cancelled and we will need to to re apply for the new course that is being introduced in 2021. As this is going to be run  centrally by the FA I expect prices to jump up and places to be severely limited just as it was before local FAs ran the courses.  Fully appreciate the difficult times at the minute and understand the difficulty in running courses but don’t understand the FAs logic of making redundant so many tutors and moving everything centrally to FA learning. 

  • Same same. My B course should had started in April. Cause the pandemic it postponed to October. The special for me is that I am an overseas coach. I don't know what to do for the next. The only thing I can do for now is to still postpone my course to 2021, and continuous learning on FA website.