Hive Coaching Cards

Hi, just discovered Hive is no more and trying to navigate around this new platform. Does anyone know where the caching cards have gone please? We had our own group where we compiled many, but I can't find them. I hope the FA haven't ditched them... Thanks, Pete

  • Hi Peter, hope you are well. Thanks for joining us on here! We appreciate it may take a while to get used to especially after using Hive for a while.

    We have moved a fair amount of the coaching cards over to The Boot Room, if you use this link you will find all of our Foundation Phase content, some of it is new, others have been updated from Hive.

    We have a selection of playlists on there as well which group together some of the content. Some coaches may have saved their material on Hive and could bring it across on here if they choose to, but moving forward, The Boot Room will be the main place to visit for this content.

  • Fantastic. Many thanks - glad to hear I can migrate all my Hive cards! 

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