Hive Coaching Cards

Hi, just discovered Hive is no more and trying to navigate around this new platform. Does anyone know where the caching cards have gone please? We had our own group where we compiled many, but I can't find them. I hope the FA haven't ditched them... Thanks, Pete

  • Gotta say, whilst i am happy Hive has been replaced in some form... this platform is nowhere near as user friendly as Hive.

    I've created a Facebook group called 'England Youth Football Coaching Forum' see if you can find it, join and invite others... the more people the better and we can regrow something closer to what Hive was!

  • Cheers Christopher, will give it a look, hive was a nightmare for notifications, but was a one stop shop for everything. this new community doesn't quite cut the mustard, and the bootroom seems empty compared to hive. I think the FA have made a mistake here, I wonder if they consulted with any grassroots teams.

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