Hi, all the content/cards regarding individual practice and session ideas for ages 5-11 and 12-16 seem to have gone , will this content be available elsewhere ?

I know the boot room has similar content and practical sessions but it would be useful to be able to access the cards as well... can you help

  • As I understand, they wont be ?   which is rather odd.  such great contenet on hive all lost.

    (I may be wrong...but I recall being advised to save anything from HIve as it wont be avaiable)

  • I agree strange be good to create a Library particularly useful when  considering types of learning, video is good for certain aptitudes but also diagrammatic representation is essential when explaining certain needs to individuals

  • I found Hive an amazing resource. I'm really disappointed that the practice cards will not be available! Does anyone know if the FA will be doing something similar in this environment? Thanks guys

  • Hi Julian, Neil and Peter, hope you're all well. A fair amount of Hive content has already been moved across to The Boot Room, with more scheduled to be published in the near future. Some of this is video based, others include session graphics, so we have tried to keep as much as possible.

    If you use this link you will find all of our Foundation Phase content - some may be familiar to you, others are new or updated from Hive.

    Some coaches or Hive users may have saved their content before the launch of this new community and may share it again in here but The Boot Room will be the go to place for this type of content moving forward.

  • Gotta say, whilst i am happy Hive has been replaced in some form... this platform is nowhere near as user friendly as Hive.

    I've created a Facebook group called 'England Youth Football Coaching Forum' see if you can find it, join and invite others... the more people the better and we can regrow something closer to what Hive was!

  • Hi all, I share your frustrations but it is important that we hold our nerve as this new platform develops and settles down. Moving to somewhere new and unfamiliar is always difficult until you become better at navigating your way through it. I intend to start a Foundation Phase group so that we can recreate the sense of community that was established on the Hive resource so please be patient and look out for blogs, session ideas and video footage. Pete

  • Peter, I know Nick has responded but just wanted to assure you that we will be working hard to ensure coaches at all levels, if they access this community,  will feel fully supported. Watch this space. Pete

  • This project transition hasn't been managed very well. yes hive was a nuisance and needed to change but, It would of been far better, to have kept hive up and running until this new system was fit for purpose. Closing the old system with minimum engagement to the members that used it was always going to be a disaster especially when the content on here is lacking and all the session plans are on a completely different system that we cant even access from here.

  • Thanks for the reply Pete. We are certainly in uncertain times and I'm aware that cuts are coming to grass roots football (as well as all other formats of the game!). I feel it is essential that we regain the space to share ideas and learn from each other to develop our youngsters in the foundation phase. I look forward to picking up where Hive left off! Pete

  • Daniel, we have to hold our hands up and accept that the transition could and should have been better. This causes coaches to lose faith in us and this can be damaging. We are entering a new period and I hope that we prove over the coming months and years that we are capable of building the trust and confidence that has obviously been dented. Please stay with us. Pete