How do you give players ownership?

Hi everyone. 

In the latest episode of Coachcast, we hear about the work that has been happening around the future of youth football. 

We heard a lot about being payer centred. I'd love to hear in your thoughts on how you put your youth players at the centre of your plans and sessions.

What three things would you like to do to give players more ownership and increase their engagement? Or is there something you've tried that has resulted in increased engagement or more ownership?

  • Some great ideas here. I love to give young players matchday responsibilities linked to coaching, learning focus and how we play. Involving them in the coaching process (letting them pick the formation and explain why), give the team talk or let the captain do the team sheet with the opposition before the game are all great ways to give the players a real sense of ownership - it's their team after all!

  • We also have the captain gather the group round before the game to give a team talk plus whoever gets MOM the week before leads the exercises before the next game which empowers them to be confident in front of their peers.

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