under 16's football team learning new skills

I have recently taken on an under 16's football team and i was wondering as a new coach how do i get them to expand on their skill set when they keep saying i know how to do this?

  • Hi Sarah,

    its really just a a case of challenging them in your practices, putting on a familiar practice but ramping things up.

    You want them to fail so they can question why, how, what.

    For example set a  game up ask the 1 team to press high, then take the other team to one side, tell them  what  team A are doing, ask team B how can they overcome it give them hints.

    prepare team A to fail then see if they can workout how to manipulate the game to their advantage. can team B play over can they switch play,

    their skill set will improve with failure wether they think they know it all or not

    question their decision making right or wrong ask what options they saw and so on

    best of luck