How do you work with tricky kids

I have a great bunch of u11s but, two specific lads will be overly obsessed with only passing and trying to set each other up for goals. Obviously I could rotate them so they don’t play together as much but I’m running out of ideas for general coaching. It’s my first season so I’m definitely a bit green myself. 

this is becoming detrimental to the team as our opposition quite quickly work out what is happening and mark them out of the game. Unfortunately one of the lads has quite a high opinion of himself and doesn’t tend to match up to it. Obviously again I don’t want to knock him down but it’s beginning to effect the team balance as the solo runs, step overs and the inevitable trip, slip or tackle loses possession more often than not. 

sorry for the rant, but I’m running out of ideas. 

  • Hi Matthew

    If it was my group, i would try in training to play them against each other in SSG's, hopefully this will gain their trust in other teamates on the grass.and maybe form better bonds with others

    I would also maybe consider, if playing them together, then try them on each wing.

    At u 11's they can try different positions.

    If this isnt working then when they do this and fail try asking those involved WHY they made that choice, WHAT other options were there, HOW does making that choice benefit the team in general.

    If they can think about why they do it then for me thats half the battle

    it is a tough one though as all kids through the ages have a favourite buddy

    good luck