Best way to approach player fitness?

Evening all,

Has anyone come across the situation where a players fitness is having a negative impact on the rest of the team?

The person in question (goalie) is unfit, and with only 1 hour a week training times and games on a Sunday there is only so much thay can be done.

I've done a few 1 to 1s that has helped but that isnt sustainable. The next approach i feel is the parents, as this kid is probably only 9 or 10 and i doubt would understand.

I did consider homework, monitored by the parent to ensure he is working on fitness at home, but am interested to see others approaches to similar situations?


  • Morning Richard 

    I would stay away at this time from speaking to the parents about a 9 yr old being "overweight".

    It could backfire massively, not just from the parents but for the youngster socially and mentally.

    Maybe try educating the group on how important it is to stay fit and healthy, this can be before training if your waiting to go on a court, ask them to come a bit earlier, through your clubs social page, and also giving each child a leaflet to take home.

    Avoid singling a younster of that age out, but this is my own opinion, these kids have alot of growing and body shaping to happen in the next few years

    cheers lee

  • I've not long been using the HEJA app, am sure there are others but you can post video challenges in there and the team/parents get to see it (not sure if this would work 9 year olds that maybe don't have a phone/are allowed apps) but you get the drift.. a whatsapp group of parents that you can post video challenges, get them to film it for a prize each week, doesn't have to be expensive.  Make them fun but physical ? Just an idea.