Is there a common way your players score a goal? e.g. toe poke, side foot etc. Or do you find it's quite varied?

Keen to know if it changes amongst age groups too. 

  • Hi Tim

    ive just moved down to u8's, never been down in the foundation phase before so im learning too.

    What ive noticed at that age is its more common to toe poke a goal.

    What ive found is, its easier to do this at this age as they dont have to think about how to kick it has it seems to be the most comfortable way when they are running to the ball to shoot.

    Untill they have repetition pratices using different parts of the foot this will always feel the easiest.

    50% of the group that use the inside of the foot to shoot are also the most accurate,

    Whilst toe poking is effective at this or any age, ive found they need to be quite close to be accurate with it

    cheers lee

  • Thanks Lee. Do you work on different types of finishing in your sessions? If so, have you found any certain practices are really effective?