How do Intrgrate new players?

How can we bring low ability players into a team who have played together for a couple of years without upsetting parents. They are quite low ability and one is playing up a year and is not  quite getting it, ones not taking info in, one just does exactly the same as you’ve told him not too it’s really frustrating. The team is competitive and doing well but these players just aren’t understanding what we are asking them to do. Do we ask them not to play and just train for a week or two or just roll our sleeves up and get on with it? Thanks 

  • I have this with my team too. 4 new players 2 that are playing up a year and never played competitively before.  I'm mindful of the differences but it's also a lesson for the others re team work and effort/support. Everyone has different moments of brilliance that they can be praised for, my biggest worry was the attitudes of the more experienced players.  League games might just  be the thing to push them on. Good luck. Defo get on with it, in my humble opinion is could be damaging asking them not to play.  How old are they?

  • Well we went for it on Sunday first game under 9s, we smashed it, started bad two early goals against us,  then we just mixed all our 11 players throughout the game, won 7/3 and they all dd well. A real team performance.

  • well done kids!! u9s... call your subs GAME CHANGERS.. can they go on and make a difference to the game, really motivates them.  It's not "bad" start - can they keep their heads up and still enjoy the game by going down by 2 goals  regardless of score....absolutely by the sounds of it, great stuff! Team performance is better than 7/3 in my opinion.  Every coach/team are different aren't they, are they still as happy and still team performing well if they were down 7/3. I prided ourselves on our first ever season as u10s on how happy they all played even losing.  All a bit different now they're u12 and a lot of them want to win haha.  Did your new players rise to the occasion??