U7 fundamentals

Hi Guys,

myself and my three coaching assistants are brand new to coaching this season., taking on our sons U7s group.  We try to focus on fundamentals of dribbling, tackling, shooting etc but some of the kids do still really struggle with the basics.  Just wanted to ask, is there any advice you’d suggest and what we should focus on to start with before progression to get their understanding and ability level up to a base standard?

thanks a lot.

  • Patience, ball time and repetition in the beginning I found with our Under 9s (now) as they'd missed a couple years due to COVID breaks. Just slight tweaks to your set up so they don't get bored, one of our kids favourite games just to get them used to keeping a ball at there feet to begin with was bulldog. They'd all have one ball barring one tackler in the middle, then they'd have to try and make it to the other line. You got tackled your join the tackler, last one live wins and starts the next game as the tackler.

    Variations of cones runs/dribbles/cones to knock over with the ball, passing through gates to each other 

  • I'd just try to focus on having fun and getting lots of smiling faces. Maybe don't get too deep on things because of their age but you could focus on movement as a starter for the fundamentals as they will love running around