Using Power Play

Hi, I would like to hear any views from other coaches on using / not using power play when your team are 4 goals down or more?

The team I'm coaching will be moving up to U8's next season and although we have used power play in a couple games at the beginning of last season its tended not to help a great deal but rather confuse the players on their learning of positioning / formation. 

Towards the end of last season it was rare that the score line got to a power play position and so was reluctant to use it but as a parent has asked I thought I'd reach out for other views and experiences.

Thanks in advance

  • Martin, If I understand your question correctly you are referring to the addition of an extra player if your opponents are leading by a certain number of goals. Obviously the thinking behind this is an attempt to "rebalance" the game so that it becomes a slightly more even contest. There is no guarantee that this will happen but in some cases it might. We would like as many games as possible to be competitive as no one really benefits from a completely one sided event. If your players are as young as you say there may not be much real positional play anyway and formations and team shape will emerge as more important later on in their development. The focus for children of this age is to enjoy being part of a team that plays in close competitive games as often as possible and to develop their individual ability so that their contribution to the team in later years will improve. Please avoid locking players into positions now, instead, accept that because of the age of the players the game is likely to be a bit more fluid and have less structure and organisation. This is normal and will improve season on season. Pete