Playing a year up

I was put to coach a mixed age group two years ago, my daughter is a year below. She is a good player but small and Pretty much always gets pushed off the ball. We are moving up to u11 9v9 next year. Should I keep her at u10 and let her compete against girls her own age and break up the team? Or keep things as is and let her stay with the team she loves? Finding this a near impossible decision!

  • Hi Matthew. Wow you have a tough decision on your hands. I moved up to u11s last season and had the same decision to make regarding one of my players. He was getting upset being pushed off the ball all the time. I gave him a chance to make his own decision and went from there. He wanted to stay with his team and after showing him some basic training moves( ie. Turning the other player off the ball rather than pushing or shoving) and a bit of strength training he has turned into a little pocket rocket. He’s scored quite a few goals this season too and couldn’t be happier. Maybe keep your daughter with your team and give it a go. Can always drop her down later if need be.  Time and training will tell. Good luck