Award ceremonies

My season has ended and there is an expectation for some kind of award ceremony. My issue is that, in my experience, they tend to up with a few kids leaving really happy because they got an award and the rest leaving downhearted.

I was thinking about asking each child in the team to write down 2/3 positive things about each other member of the team, collating the answers and then giving each child an award with common things other children said about them. These are ten year olds so I expect to get things like, "he has a hard shot" so that child would get "The Super Shooter" award or something. Think I got this from a book but I can't remember which one.

Has anyone got any alternatives to the standard award ceremonies and "Managers player" etc? Or have anyone anything similar to above?

  • I would advise a squad award every player getting a trophy and maybe self print some certificates which you can write specific things that child had done well throughout the season and how that has contributed to the team as a whole and individually award them at least all go away with something positive for a.hard season

  • I'm at this point now, I've took over a team at the end of the season, i have been involved for the qhole season but not as the coach just an assistant,  so I have decided to do an award for every player, then I'm going to personalise a bigger award and give every player a recognition award specific to their progress/commitment/effort etc.