Create your own challenging session

Each month we will be posting a themed coaching challenge for all community members to get involved with. 

We provide the space, equipment and players but your challenge is to set the task.

The focus for April is to improve challenging.

You have… 

  • Space: You have a quarter of a full-size pitch (astroturf or grass).
  • Equipment: You have eight footballs, plenty of cones and two pop-up (samba) goals.
  • Players: You coach a U11 team with 12 players available (11 outfield players and one goalkeeper).

So, what activity will you set your players to develop challenging? 

Comment below with your ideas, check out other members' ideas and vote for your favourite.

  • I can make a game related practice two teams of 6 players one team with samba goal and goalkeeper and the other with two small cones goals and challenge the team without the goalkeeper if any player scores a goal from long range shooting it will be 3 points that is for improving shooting , and challenge the team with the goalkeeper if you scores a goal after winning 1 V 1 situation and dribble the ball through one of the two cone goals it will be 3 point , that for developing ball mastery and dribbling for the players , the 2 teams can score with any other method but it will be only 1 point , we can challenge the goalkeeper to play only with his feet when starting an attack , after while of the game we can swap teams and challenges and we can also progress the shooting team to shoot with other parts of the foot and can progress the dribbling tram to use different leg to dribble

  • I will set a session about ‘Build-up from Goal Kick’. 
    Two team, Team A has 5 players with goalie, and save a big goal with two cones. Team B has 6 players with two pop goals.
    Split the pitch into three areas, both of two teams have their own ending zone.

    Game always starts by the goalie set goal kick from their ending zone, and only 2 players of each team can enter into the opposing ending zone. Also only finish in the ending zone makes counting.


    Collective: How could you build-up from your own half? Could you create numerical advantage? And how?

    Individual: What do you do when you face 1v1 duel, both of offensive and defensive?



    with an area around 25x15, goal each end, 

    6v6  4 balls in each goal,

    place a cone either side of pitch 5 yrds out from each goal to split area in 3

    i player from each side must remain in their 5 yrd  area (can be any player from their team

    at anytime)

    this player starts by using a ball from his goal, play starts when player kicks or throws to opposite player in other goal.

    to win the team with the most balls in opposition goal after 5 minutes win

    can the team that started with possesion press together to win ball back

    can the team recieving the ball retain it to attack


    can players be calm under pressure

    can players play through pressing opposition

    can players be brave enough to run with it


    can players time the press effectively

    can players press in areas that close passing lines off

    can players have the correct body shape to direct plat in their favour

    can players watch for triggers to make the tackle ie.loose pass, poor touch, singled out

  • I would start with a warm up in two groups of six, 4 cones fir each group, 2 players in the middle 4 on the outside. The aim if the game us rondo based, you must pass though the square somehow to another teammate on the outside. One pass is allowed not to go through the square but the next pass much. Challenge outside players not to be static and make runs off the ball to draw the defending players out of position.

    Then I would set up a pitch in the quarter available, goal at one end, three coned gates at the other. The team with the keeper has 6 outfield players, opposing 5 outfield players. The team with 5 pkayers have to be as direct as possible with the ball and pass when all other options are exhausted. The team with the overload are encouraged to pass and move their way out of danger and create scoring opportunities by creating space by their off the ball work.

    Challenges for the overloaded team can include no wasted or dead touches, can they escape pressure as a unit in 5 passes or less.

    Skill points can be given to the undercoated team for excellent ball skills to escape pressure.

    You can then bring the whole session together asking players to show when it is the right decision to travel with the ball and be direct and when it is right to pass, even up the teams but keep the same set up.