Session plan

Hi Everyone ,i am working at football academy with u7,u9,u13sometimes when i plan for a session the players doesn't work as well as i planned and time is always running before i finish what i planned for , so do i have to continue the next training session or pass it 

Do you think that the planned session isn't suitable for the level i manage ?

The problems always that its suitable for their physical level but mentally they don't understand it easily 

  • Hi Omar, re the timing of sessions is there anything you could remove so that it finishes on time. Why do you think they mentally don't understand it? Is there anything you could do to simplify it?
    Thanks, Tim 

  • Hey Omar,

    Don't get too hung up on timings. Sometimes the players take a little time to grab a concept while other times they get it really quickly. Also, sometimes they enjoy an activity so much that it isn't the right thing to do to move to the next one.

    I suppose what I am saying is don't be a slave to your session plan. Always be prepared to "go off script" and there is nothing wrong with continuing the topic the following week.

    Have fun!

  • hi omar

    have you explained the purpose of each session and what your trying to achieve, this could be done visually or by message the day before the pratice.

    Being at an academy, do you have a template that you work from at the start of the season to the end? this can be relayed to the individuals early on so they know what they are aiming for.

    As important as it is to achieve pratical participation there is a need to have interventions to speak and ask players either individually and as a team if they undersatnd the goals they are trying to achieve in the pratices.

    you can have high level pratices for any age in my opinion but they just need to be simplified for the age ranges your coaching at that time.

    something to try is a board with key target words on like Scanning, Pressing, width and so on

    after an activity see if the players can pick out what they had achieved in that pratice, this helps you as a coach to see how their mind works and whether yuor on the same wave length with what your trying to coach

    as they say less is more sometimes