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  • Very enjoyable listen - consistent, enduring and important messages. Key takeaway - whilst it may be coaches who listen to this in the first instance, it should be shared with parents to highlight this is what they should expect of the coach of their child.

  • James, you raise a really good point. Most, if not all of our key Foundation Phase messages should be considered by parents also if their child is involved in sport. We cannot tell parents how to bring up their child but we can demonstrate that in football we want to get it right and reflect what is considered best practice. Thanks for listening and feeding back. Pete

  • great listen from you both thankyou, i think what i take away from this, and what ive made part of my philosophy; is that the focus is not,  dare i say the winning but on the freedom and release of actually being able to play your chosen sport because if you look at some of the most gifted players in football like the zidanes the gazzas, george best,  they were free the shackles were off.  The results will come then, it might not be a trophy but it will certainly be 11 happy  kids that you will probably coach all the way to 16

    all the best 

  • Lee, thanks for sharing and you are right, our first priority as coaches is to engage the players in the most appropriate way as we allow them to fall in love with football. This must come without the pressure of results or winning. I firmly believe that if you set the right environment and build trusting, secure relationships with the players then together you can all go on a great journey of discovery and this may end up with cups and trophies but the players will always remember the togetherness of the group in what they achieved. This lasts a lot longer than the glory of winning a match. Cheers. Pete

  • Technical question.

    Can this be downloaded from here?

    Separate question. Can they be added to the usual podcast providers? Much bigger audiences there.


  • Hi Timothy, hope you're enjoying the podcast so far. At the moment, the option to download isn't available. However, we're currently testing how we host this content and will use your feedback as part of our review. Thanks!
  • Timothy, as a bit of a dinosaur , best to listen to Louise on this one. I am sure we will sort this out as we need to get our messages out to a much wider audience. Thanks for joining us. Pete

  • Great podcast, as was the first, looking forward to the next instalment. You only need to take a look at what kids do in their own environment to reinforce this - unstructured games on the school playground or out on the street. Take the coach away and leave a ball on a school playground, the kids love being on the ball. You wont see them 'boot it' or work a passing routine. 

    Fully supportive of the message, and it certainly does come with a health warning! The more we can help develop the mindset of the parents the better 

    Fantastic content!

  • Matthew, thanks for the positive and supportive feedback. You are right about the power of play and how it is vital for the development of children. In Early Years they talk about a "hybrid pedagogy" that looks at the benefits of the children engaging in self-initiated play AND the skilled teacher/adult who works alongside the child to extend any learning opportunities that occur. To me this paints a lovely picture of the child who "borrows" some knowledge from the adult to help them construct their own meanings from the learning. It could be a great thing to use when coaching football as the players will feel they are just playing but the appropriate help, support and guidance from the coach is there to help them over any barriers to learning if they occur. Thanks for your post. Pete

  • Hi - where do you listen to this podcast? I cant seem to find the link. Thanks in advance,