Improving in possession under pressure

Hi all coaches

We have just moved to a more competitive league,U14 boys. We have lost heavily the last two games and although we have worked and improved our shape and defense out of possession we give the ball away cheaply when in possession either by being under pressure or rushing the ball forwards.

does anyone have ideas on training session to help keep possession but under pressure?

thanks all

  • hi Mike 

    for me its all about ball time, playing time which brings confidence, but this has to be right through the team and not just focusing on the better players, what i have found is as they get older the more confident and dare i say better players, start to ignore the weaker players on match day and only pass to the more able players, wether its the right pass or not, leading to even less self esteem for the struggling players.

    so in training i set up pratices where it gives players a bit more time on the ball, so wider bigger area for team with the ball, more players on their side. This will give them confidence on the ball come match day, it will also help the other lads on the opposing side with less players in pratice learn how to defend zones to delay an attack. But its all about ball time for them, you will never get better on the touchline

    all the best lee

  • Mike, when lifting sessions (from whatever source) you have to ask yourself what will my players get out of this practice, how will it help their individual needs and how does it fit into how we want to play? If you go through this reflective process it will begin to develop you as a thoughtful and effective coach. Otherwise, you are putting together your sessions but may not be maximising the development of your players. This resource should help you to begin to learn how to think, plan and implement what is best for your players. Avoid becoming dependent upon finding sessions - begin to plan your own and your development will sky rocket as you reflect and tweak your ideas. Working this way means you never have to rely on anyone and you will be on the way to becoming an independent thinker and problem solver. Give it a go:-) Pete