Centre kick offs


My under 9s team struggle to pass the ball long to wingers from the centre kick off. Can anyone recommend 1 or 2 plays we could adopt when it our centre kick off and which would allow us to keep possession and go forwards mainly? Thanks 

  • Hi all

    i have a concern regarding the change from 9v9 to 11v11 at U13s u14s age group

    they are supposed to play on larger sized pitches than 9v9 but with smaller goals 7ft rather than 8ft,  but there seems to be a lack of those size pitches meaning kids playing on adult size pitches with adult sized goals which i dint think is right for those age groups

    i am lucky as my club are creating the correct size pitch with the correct size goals but a lot of other clubs in the league we play in don’t have this luxury and I can put see players struggling on adult sized pitches with 8ft goals 

    when I was that age things were even worse and we were playing on adult sized pitches at 10/11 years old 

    does anyone else have this problem 


  • Yes i think in the Cambs colts league the only time we play in the correct size goals are when we play on school pitches, which happens rarely, best solution is to agree with opposition to play in 9v9 goals

  • I'm not sure we are close in our approaches it sounds like you are quite away adrift by saying passing is counter productive. You might benefit from viewing boot room session videos on for example, when to pass, to see what the FA advocate. Best of luck.

  • I’m well aware of the England DNA and if you read what I typed, I wrote that insisting on passing is counter productive, I never wrote that passing itself is counter productive.  My point being they should learn when is best for them to pass and when to hold, dribble etc through match situations. If they are told to pass, while they will undoubtedly learn to pass, they are not learning the key element of decision-making.