Session plans

Morning everyone, I was just wondering what you all use to do your session plans on? I've started using an app on my tablet but it's not great. Wondering if anyone has found any really good apps or websites? 

  • Hi Samuel - I coach u10 team (for context) - I use a PowerPoint slide as a template for my session plans that states the objective / timings / things I need / things players need - lists the progressions and also aligns to the 4 corners. 
    the language is very simple / jargon free so the players can understand it.  I then save as a pdf and send out via WhatsApp - parents and players alike love it.  We then use it as a reference point at the beginning of the session and review at the end to make sure we have progressed against the objective. Then we set ourselves a target for the game the next day - as an example this week we focussed on creating chances for longer range shots in training and then set a goal of 3 long range shots / quarter in the match the next day.  Parents are encouraged to celebrate the shots - if they score that’s a bonus!! 
    There are lots of different applications ... but you can keep it simple too depending on what you want to achieve and how much time you have!!