DNA Insights Podcast Episode 2

Hi coaches, hopefully you are engaging with this forum having listened to and enjoyed episode 1 of our DNA Insights podcasts.  With the release today of the second episode I want to pose a couple of questions to get the discussion going. Here goes:

  • The FA is really going after the development of more skilful players. The podcast supports this approach so what else would coaches need to get them on board with this very important initiative?
  • What might the biggest barriers be to this initiative becoming successful and having a major influence on how we develop our youngest players?

This last part is not a question but a request for coaches to share their stories and their own experiences if they have decided to adopt this methodology. This could be a very powerful thing and will help other coaches understand that they are not alone and that this approach is such a positive and enjoyable way to work with young people.

I look forward to reading your responses and hope that you enjoy episode 2.

Take care 


  • Hi Pete,

    Hope all well just a quick post to update you a year on!

    In our first season with league tables and all results published at u12 my coaching philosophy remained the same to encourage playing  with freedom and creativity.  Also each player played different positions for the season.  This may of had an impact on games results but for the players development it was a great success!

    On planning for this season moving to 11v11 I am keeping to the same principles.

    Now results and league tables are published I have seen development getting overlooked for that must win at an even greater level.   Naturally players / parents seem to want to play for the best teams in the top leagues.  I understand players change teams and I’m sure the majority will benefit from this in the right environment. My point really is that at still a young age u13 it’s more challenging to keep the momentum for the foundation DNA principles.

    Listening to one of your recent podcasts it was pleasing to hear that there is talk of increasing the age range for the foundations years by 3 or 4 years. I feel this would be a real help for coaches to continue coaching in a way  allowing development of creative and skilful players.  If this is the case then slowing the progression to 11v11 would go hand in hand with this!

    This season at u13 I’m looking to focus around the key capabilities you highlight positioning, scanning, timing , movement, techniques, disguise.  Any pointers to material which helps support this through the season would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks again for all your coaching guidance and posts on all the different platforms it is of help